The UNC Policy Manual


  • 400.4.1
    Policy on Licensing Nonpublic Institutions to Conduct Post-Secondary Degree Activity in North Carolina
  • 400.4.1[R]
    Regulations Governing Review of Licensure for Nonpublic, Post-Secondary Institituions Proposing to Open Additional Campuses or Sites in North Carolina
  • 400.4.1.1
    Policy of the Board of Governors of the University of North Carolina with Respect to Exemption from Licensure under G.S. 116-15 of Religious Education
  • 400.4.1.1[R]
    Regulation Governing Review of Licensure for Nonpublic Postsecondary Institutions Proposing to Open Additional Campuses/Sites in NC to Offer Degree Programs that have been Previously Licensed by BOG
  • 400.4.1.2[R]
    Regulation Governing Review of Changes in Ownership and Legal Reconstitutions of Out-of-State and Nonpublic Institutions
  • 400.4.3
    Policy Establishing Standards for Organized Service and Assistance to the Public Schools
  • 400.4.1.3[R]
    Regulation on Procedures for Licensure
  • 400.4.2
    Policy of the BOG of the University with Respect to Exemption from Licensure under N.C. Stat. 116.15 of Religious Education