The UNC Policy Manual

Chapter 400

  • 400.1.1
    Academic Program Development Procedures (Repealed 05/06/09)
  • 400.1.1.1[R]
    Regulations for Planning and Conducting Degree-Related Extension and Distance Education (Repealed 05/06/09)
  • 400.1.1.1[G] Repealed
    Guidelines for Academic Program Development
  • 400.1.3
    International Programs (Repealed 01/11/02)
  • 400.1.1.4[G]
    Appendix B: Request for Authorization to Plan a New Doctoral or First Professional Degree Program (Repealed 05/23/12)
  • 400.1.5
    Improving Rentention and Graduation Rates (Repealed 01/11/13)
  • 400.3.4
    Monitoring Faculty Teaching Workloads (Repealed 01/11/13)
  • 400.1.5.1[R]
    Regulations on Improving Graduation Rates
  • 400.1.4
    The University of North Carolina Exchange Program
  • 400.1.4.1[R]
    Regulations on Implementing The University of North Carolina Exchange Program
  • 400.1.12[R] Repealed
    Regulations on the Awarding of Joint Degrees in the University of North Carolina