State Residence

The North Carolina General Assembly has enacted a detailed statutory scheme for determining who does and who does not qualify for in-state tuition.  That statutory scheme is found in Article 14 of Chapter 116 of the North Carolina General Statutes, which mandates that only those who can demonstrate a minimum of twelve months of uninterrupted domicile (legal residence) in North Carolina are eligible for in-state tuition. 

The statute also places on applicants the burden of establishing by a preponderance of evidence that they are bona fide domiciliaries rather than mere residents of North Carolina.

State Residence Classification Manual | Table of Amendments (2011)

Choice ACT

Official guidance, approved by President Ross, regarding the implementation of the federal Choice Act and SB 478.  See the following templates below for military residency/in-state tuition application forms, to be used for both active personnel and veterans and/or their dependents:

Temporary Protected Status Classification Memo

Online Training for Residency Classifiers