Board of Governors Premeeting Materials/Minutes
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Cover Letter
Cover Letter
Meeting Schedule
Directions to Broyhill Inn
Meeting Schedule
Approved Minutes of October 3, 2005
Appendix A - Remarks by President-elect Bowles
Committee on Budget and Finance
1. Amendments to the Budget Request
2. Waiving Tuition for High School Students at NCSA
3. Auth. of Projects Funded with Special Obligation Bonds: NCSU & UNCCH
4. Disposition of Property by Demolition: UNCCH
5. Disposition of Property by Lease: UNCP
6. Allocation of Reserve for Repairs and Renovations and Cost Overruns
Discussion: 2004-2005 Annual Report
Discussion: Item 1 - A Progress Report on the UNC Bond Program
Minutes - September 8, 2005
New Item - 2006-07 Tuition and Fee Increases
Report on Projected Construct. Costs & Hurr. Katrina
Committee on Educational Planning, Policies, and Programs
1. Approval of the Minutes of the Meeting on September 8, 2005
2a. Request Authorization B.S. in Nursing (RN to BSN): ASU
2b. Request Authorization B.A. Communication: FSU
2c. Report on Centers and Institutes
3. The Higher Education Environment
4a. Cover Letter Strategic Directions
4b. Long Range Plan Strategic Directions
4c. Cover Letter: Draft of Proposed Strategic Direction on Econ. Transform.
4d. Strategic Development: Economic Transformation Benchmarks
5a.Executive Summary Report of Diversity Planning
5b. Report of the Results of Diversity Planning
6. Summer Workshop on Student Success, Retention and Graduation
7. Review of Reports to Educational Planning Committee
8. Law School Report
Memorandum to the Committee on Educational Planning, Policies, and Programs
Committee on Personnel and Tenure
1. Minutes of the September 8, 2005 meeting
10. Annual Reports from campuses with Management Flexibility
6. Annual Plan for the Committee on Personnel and Tenure
7. Annual Report on Committee Activities
8. Annual Report on the Distinguished Professors Endowment Trust Fund
9. Proposed amendments to policy 600.2.3
Committee on Public Affairs
Minutes - August 12, 2005
Committee on University Governance
a.NCSA Board of Trustees: partial term ending June 30, 2007
b. NCSSM Board of Trustees: four terms ending June 30, 2009
cd. UNC Center for Public TV Board of Trustees: terms ending June 30, 2006
e. NCCAT Board of Trustees: 4 terms ending October 31, 2009
1. Approval of the minutes of September 8, 2005
2. UNC Health Care System Board of Directors
3. Discussion of vacancies on councils and boards of trustees:
4. Consideration of petition regarding pol. activity of Dr. Paul Luebke
5. Consid. of resolution excluding BOG members from classified info
6 & 7. Consideration of an appeal, NCSU and NCSSM
8. Other
General Information
O. Max Gardner Award Committee Agenda
Tuition Policy Task Force - Minutes: September 30, 2005
Approved Minutes of October 3, 2005
Appendix A - Remarks by President-elect Bowles