Communications and Training

Communication and training are critical factors for achieving success in any business transformation.  Without a comprehensive communications strategy and tactical plan including adequate training, the University will face significant obstacles in achieving the desired process improvements and long term operational and strategy changes of the UNC FIT program. 

The process advisory teams created for each of the process improvement initiatives have diligently communicated the process standards and provided training on the tools, templates and checklists provided for the process areas.  The implementation of the standards and key performance indicators will be monitored on an ongoing basis and additional training and guidance will be provided to the campuses as needed.    

All communication activities are focused on achieving the following objectives:

  • Creating interest in, and energy around, participating in the transition to standardized processes and procedures;
  • Facilitating careful rollout of accurate and consistent information to all stakeholders including the faculty, staff, and students at each campus;
  • Sensitivity to the needs of affected groups by appropriately timing information to allow for pre-planning;
  • Creating confidence that the project will be marked by open communication and knowledge sharing;
  • Sustaining interest throughout the duration of the project; and 
  • Providing communication channels that encourage all stakeholders including our faculty, staff, and students to contribute ideas and feedback on any aspect of the project.