Program Management Office

The Program Management Office is responsible for the management of the UNC FIT initiative. Specific responsibilities include:

  • Provide operational guidance and managerial structure to the project
  • Ensure individual process team approaches are integrated and consistent
  • Manage top down and bottom up project communications for all stakeholders including status reports; and
  • Serve as overall project administrator

Ken Craig      
Program Management Officer        
(919) 843-4836      

Lynne Sanders         
Deputy Program Management Officer      
(919) 962-4610

Dave Beach   
Assistant VP, ERP Systems Integration Officer      
(919) 843-9168

Timur Uckun
UNC FIT Technology Officer          
(919) 843-4877

Heather Hummer     
UNC FIT Process Improvement Analyst    
(919) 843-0342