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Field Services Team Vision

Dear GEAR UP NC Student Coordinators and GEAR UP Family & Community Facilitators,

Thank you all for the solid programming you have implemented so far this year in your schools, homes, and communities. Your work is much appreciated.

GEAR UP NC Field Services Team Vision

Vision – The ability to see into the future, the opportunity to create in the mind’s eye those things that you desire and a pathway to achieve them. Vision – seeing the possibilities so clearly that they become reality. Today, more than ever before, education is the fault line between those who will prosper in the new economy and those who will not. To prepare us for the world of personal and professional choices in the 21st century, we must open the doors of college to all students and make at least two years of college as universal as high school is today. Yet many students never receive a college education, some because they lack the preparation for college and others because they lack the financial resources, and many young people entering the work force are not prepared for the world of work.

For GEAR UP students, our message must be clear: Planning for their future means setting high expectations in all the work that they do; working hard and earning the best grades they can; finding and connecting with mentors who will support their positive goals; planning to take the right courses to keep their education options open; and learning about the many financial aid opportunities available to them.

But students cannot do it alone. Nor should the responsibility rest with parents alone, or with schools alone. Parents and families, schools and many groups in the community can each play a role in providing our GEAR UP students with support and help that will ultimately strengthen our workforce and our society. The powerful message of helping students to think about college early needs the attention and support of everyone: families; schools; colleges and universities; community, religious, and arts organizations; state and local governments; and businesses.

Education is a “family matter”. For students, it is hard work, and it requires a plan. For parents and families, it requires support and involvement. For schools from K-16, it demands high expectations for ALL students and the spirit of collaboration. For businesses, it takes commitment, through mentoring and communication with schools about what businesses expect in the workplace. For religious, community and arts organizations, it takes being a place students can turn to for information and encouragement. Everyone is part of it; everyone shares responsibility for it; everyone depends on it; and everyone wins with it!