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J. Alex Mitchell

J. Alex Mitchell, of Durham, NC, was appointed by the North Carolina General Assembly in 2015 and reappointed in 2019 to serve on the Board of Governors of the University of North Carolina System. His term will end in 2023.

Mitchell is a real estate developer who has a deep commitment to the UNC System. Born and raised in Winston-Salem, Mitchell is a second-generation college graduate. He believes a college education is the key factor in positively shifting the trajectory of any family for generations. Mitchell is passionate about making sure first-generation students have the same access to the resources they need to become successful.

He credits his experience as a real estate developer for his ability to listen to others and to seek out compromise on issues. As a Board member, he led the effort to adopt the 120 credit-hour graduation policy, which makes graduation requirements consistent and predictable for all students across the UNC System. He was applauded for the process, which sought and received input and support from both the faculty and staff assemblies, student government presidents, chancellors, and Board members.

Mitchell earned his bachelor's degree in business management from North Carolina State University. He and his wife Drewry have four sons.

His advice to today's college students:

"Unplug, turn off your (mobile phone) screens. Take time to get away from all the information and data that you're receiving every second of every day. Put down your phones and computers and learn how to spend time speaking to people, engaging with your fellow students, and having healthy discussions with your professors. Learn how to communicate face to face."