Board Meetings and Materials

Cover Letter
Directions To The UNC Center For School Leadership Development
Meeting Schedule
Approved Open Minutes - October 23, 2015--final.pdf
Committee on Audit, Risk Management, and Compliance (CARMC)
Item 3 - Review of Summary of IA Activities FYE June 30 2015 - Nov 13 2017
Item 4 - Approval of Summary of Internal Audit Plans 2015-2016
Committee on Budget and Finance
Item 2 - 2015-16 Operating Budget Allocations
Item 3 - 2015-16 Allocations from the Reserve for Repairs and Renovations - approved
Item 4 - Sale of Special Obligation Bonds - ECU
Item 5 - Sale of Special Obligation Bonds - NCA&T
Item 6 - Sale of Special Obligation Bonds and Liquidity Facility Replacement - NCSU
Item 7 - Sale of Special Obligation Bonds - UNC-CH
Item 8 - Sale of Special Obligation Bonds - WSSU
Item 9 - Authorization f Capital Improvements Projects - ASU, ECU, NCSU, UNC-CH, UNCC, UNCG, and WCU
Item 11 - Disposition of Property by Lease - NCSU
Item 10 - Disposition of Property by Easement and Right-of-Way - NCSU
Committee on Educational Planning, Policies, and Programs
Item 3 - Faculty and Student Presentation
Item 5 - Monitoring Progress of NC Medical School Graduates-AHEC
Item 6 - Transfer Student Report
Item 7 - Transfer Student Success Website
Item 8 - Comprehensive Articulation Agreement Report
Item 9 - Advising Subcommittee Update
Item 10 - UNC Global Connection Report Update
Item 11 - UNC Degree Program Proposals
Item 12 - Administrative Action Items
Special Session - Online Learning Report
Committee on Personnel and Tenure
Item 4 - UNC Benefit Competitiveness
Item 5 - Salary Pre-Approval Requirements
Item 6 - Proposed Senior Office Title Change at WCU
Item 7 - Performance Review of Tenured Faculty
Item 8 - ARP Instructions
Item 9 - President's Summary Personnel Report
Committee on Public Affairs
Item 3 - State Legislative Update
Item 4 - Federal Update
Committee on University Governance
Item 3a - Vidant
Item 3b UNC Press
Item 8 - 2015 Winter Commencements
Committee on Strategic Initiatives
Item 3 - Intern Expansion
Item 4 - Dashboard Summary
Item 5 - Activities Status Report
Special Materials
Partway Home Working Group - Agenda and Minutes
Approved Minutes of October 23, 2015
Appendix A - Minutes of October 23, 2015
Approved Minutes of October 30, 2015
Appendix A - 2015 Gov. Holshouser Jr., Public Service Award Recipient-Dr. Sylvia A. Flack, WSSU
Appendix B - 2015 Gov. Holshouser, Jr. Public Service Award Recipient-Mr. Carmen V. Russoniello
Appendix C - President Ross' Report
Appendix D - Internal Audit Plans for Fiscal Year 2015-2016
Appendix E - Sale of Special Obligation Bonds-ECU
Appendix F - Sale of Special Obligation Bonds-NCA&TSU
Appendix G - Sale of Special Obligation Bonds and Replacement of Liquidity Facility-NCSU
Appendix H - Sale of Special Obligation Bonds-UNC-CH
Appendix I - Sale of Special Obligation Bonds-WSSU
Appendix J - Authorization of Capital Improvements Projects-ASU, ECU, NCSU and UNC-CH
Appendix K - Disposition of Property by Easement and Right-of-Way-NCSU
Appendix L - Disposition of Property by Lease-NCSU
Appendix M - Approval of Licensure for the Degree Programs outlined
Appendix N - University of North Carolina 2015-16 Operating Allocations
Appendix O - University of North Carolina 2015-16 Capital Improvements Allocations
Appendix P - University of North Carolina Online Learning Report 2015
Appendix Q - Monitoring the Progress of Graduate Entering Primary Care
Appendix R - University of North Carolina Transfer Student Report 2014
Appendix S - UNC Comprehensive Articulation Agreement with the NC Community College System
Appendix T - University of North Carolina Global Connection Report 2015
Appendix U - Authorization to Establish a B.S. in Behavioral and Social Sciences-NCCU
Appendix V - Authorization to Establish a B.A. in Theatre-NCCU
Appendix W - Authorization to Establish a Doctor of Nursing Practice-UNCW
Appendix X - Authorization to Establish a Ph.D. in Philosophy in Psychology-UNCW
Appendix Y - Authorization to Discontinue the M.A. in Literature, English & American Teacher Ed-NCSU
Appendix Z - Revised Mission Statement-UNCW
Appendix AA - Resolution Honoring Former Chairman John C. Fennebresque
Appendix BB - UNC Performance Review of Tenured Faculty 2014-15
Appendix CC - Report from the Association of Student Governments President, Mr. Zack King