The UNC System understands that students who have served in the United States Military and have either an ‘active duty’ or ‘veteran’ status have unique needs to consider. With 16 universities, the UNC System can offer a program of study to suit practically any interest and professional aspiration. Just as crucially, when military transfer students arrive at one of our institutions, they will find a welcoming sense of community. On every campus, students will find supportive staff and the comradery of others with military experience. Visit our Military Affairs page to find out how the UNC System is supporting military student success.

Special Considerations for Military Transfer Students

The UNC System works to make the process of transitioning from the service into the classroom an easy one. Every one of our institutions has a counselor on staff with specific expertise helping military students enter the University.

Military students also earn credit for the education and work they’ve already completed during their service. This ensures that military transfer students can progress toward their degrees more efficiently and quickly. The UNC System utilizes an innovative new database system to award credit for military experience and training. If you are a military transfer student, this database will give you and your counselor complete and precise information about the credit you will earn for your military service, no matter which UNC System institution you choose to attend or what program you want to study.

In addition, military students may be:

  • eligible for waivers or discounts on application or enrollment fees;
  • exempt from standardized test submissions;
  • entitled to priority registration;
  • eligible for scholarships; and
  • invited to dedicated military-focused orientation sessions.

How do I transfer to a UNC System Institution from the Military?

  1. Select a campus.
  2. Choose a degree program using the Program and Degree Finder (also called the Academic Program Inventory or API).
  3. Apply through the campus of your choice or visit
  4. Contact the Military Transfer Office at the campus of your choice.
  5. Contact the transfer counselor at the campus of your choice.
  6. Review information provided by the finance office (including G.I. Bill) on the campus of your choice.