Board of Governors Premeeting Materials/Minutes
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April 2013 / Overview

10 April 2013

Date: April 12, 2013
Location: UNC Pembroke, Pembroke, NC


Open Minutes of April 12, 2013 Regular Meeting.pdf Approved Minutes of April 12, 2013
Open Minutes of April 12, 2013 Special Meeting.pdf Approved Minutes of the April 12, 2013 special meeting
Appendix A.pdf Appendix A - 2013 O Max Gardner Award Recipient's Citation and Response
President Ross' Remarks.pdf Appendix B - President Ross' Remarks
Appendix C.pdf Appendix C - Authorization to Sell Special Obligation Bonds-ASU
Appendix D.pdf Appendix D - Authorization to Sell Special Obligation Bonds-UNCA
Appendix E.pdf Appendix E - Authorization of New Capital Improvements Projects-ECU, NCSU and UNC-CH
Appendix F.pdf Appendix F - Authorization of New Capital Improvements Projects-ASU and UNC-TV
Appendix G.pdf Appendix G - Approval of the Deleg. of Authority for the Acquisition & Disposition of Real Property
Appendix H.pdf Appendix H - Approval of Licensure for Northeastern University
Appendix I.pdf Appendix I - Approval of Licensure for the Charlotte School of Law
Appendix J.pdf Appendix J - Authorization of School-Based Tuition for Master of Supply Chain Eng. & Mgmt-NCSU
Appendix K.pdf Appendix K - Amendment UNC Policy 600.1.1 - Design, Construct. and Financing of Capital Imp. Project
Appendix L.pdf Appendix L - Amendment to UNC Policy 600.3.1 - Selection Criteria and Operating Instructions
Appendix M.pdf Appendix M - Amendment to 600.6.1 - The University of North Carolina Sustainability Policy
Appendix N.pdf Appendix N - Affiliation Agreement between ECU Brody School of Medicine and Vidant Medical Center
Appendix O.pdf Appendix O - Authorization to Discontinue Programs
Appendix P.pdf Appendix P - Authorization to Establish a B.A. in Art History, Criticism and Conservation-UNCA
Appendix Q.pdf Appendix Q - Authorization to Establish a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Jazz-UNCA
Appendix R.pdf Appendix R - Authorization to Establish a Master of Supply Chain Engineering-NCSU
Appendix S.pdf Appendix S - Authorization to Establish a Master of Arts in Global Studies-UNC-CH
Appendix T.pdf Appendix T - Authorization to Establish a M.S in Agric. and Environ. Systems-NCA&TSU
Appendix U.pdf Appendix U - Authorization to Establish a Ph.D. in Rehab Counseling-NCA&TSU
Appendix V.pdf Appendix V - UNC Policy 700.7.1 on Military Student Success
Appendix W.pdf Appendix W - 2013 University of North Carolina Intercollegiat Athletics Report
Appendix X.pdf Appendix X - UNC Policy 700.6.1[R] - Academic Integrity Regulations
Appendix Y.pdf Appendix Y - Nominees for the Boards of Trustees, 2013
Appendix Z.pdf Appendix Z - UNC Policy 300.7.1 - Optional Retirement Program
Appendix AA.pdf Appendix AA - Amendment to UNC Policy 400.3.6 - University Teaching Awards
Appendix BB.pdf Appendix BB - Amendment to UNC Policy 700.3.1 - Policy on the UNC Association of Student Governments