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September 2003 / Overview

5 September 2003

Date: September 12, 2003
Location: C.D. Spangler Building, Board Room


Minutes of September 2003.pdf Approved Minutes of September 12, 2003
Appendix A.pdf Appendix A - President Broad's Report
Appendix B.pdf Appendix B - Authorization of New Capital Improvements Projects-WCU
Appendix C.pdf Appendix C - Approval of the Revised Allocation from the 2003 Reserve for Repairs and Renovations
Appendix D.pdf Appendix D - Authorization of the Sale of Revenue Bonds
Appendix E.pdf Appendix E - Approval of the Revision of Selection Criteria and Operating Instructions
Appendix F.pdf Appendix F - Approval of the Disposition of Property and Disposition by Lease-FSU
Appendix G.pdf Appendix G - Approval of the Disposition of Property and Lease of Housing Space-WCU
Appendix H.pdf Appendix H - Approval of the Report on Higher Ed bond Program for the Joint Legislative Commission
Appendix I.pdf Appendix I - Authorization to Establish the B.S. in General Music-FSU
Appendix J.pdf Appendix J - Authorization to Establish the B.A. in Liberal Studies-NCA&T
Appendix K.pdf Appendix K - Authorizatin to Establish the B.A. in Spanish-UNCP
Appendix L.pdf Appendix L - Authorization to Establish the B.S. in Athletic Training Sports Medicine-WCU
Appendix M.pdf Appendix M - Authorizatin to Establish the Master of Fine Arts in Film Music Composition-NCSA
Appendix N.pdf Appendix N - Approval to Establish the Center for Embedded Systems Research-NCSU
Appendix O.pdf Appendix O - Approval of Policy 101.3.3, Delivery of Notices
Appendix P.pdf Appendix P - Approval of Policy 400.3.7, Extension Faculty
Appendix Q.pdf Appendix Q - Approval of Policy 600.2.3, Distinguished Professors Endowment Trust Fund
Appendix R.pdf Appendix R - Request for Management Flexibility in Information Technology-NCCU
Appendix S.pdf Appendix S - Request for Management Flexibility in Information Technology-UNCA
Appendix T.pdf Appendix T - Amendment to Policy 400.1.1, Second Academic Concentration
Appendix U.pdf Appendix U - Summary Personnel Report
Appendix V.pdf Appendix V - Amendment to Optional Retirement Program