"Through our research and scholarship, transfer of new technologies to the marketplace and outreach to small businesses, local governments, and our growing military community, we must meet the needs of the state today while building the economy of tomorrow. ..if we do our job right, there will be even more ideas that make it to the marketplace and bring new jobs to the state in the years to come."

- UNC President Tom Ross, October 6, 2011

"Our universities need to emphasize entrepreneurship and leadership across all disciplines both inside and outside the classroom.... The spirit and skills of entrepreneurship should be infused across disciplines, working with businesses and communities."

- UNC Board of Governors 
Special Committee Report on Community and Economic Development

UNC has always been a seed bed of innovation, in both our curriculum and our cutting edge research. Going forward, we know that innovation -- thinking and doing new things -- and entrepreneurship -- turning those new things into enterprises -- will be even more critical to our success in the global economy. Individual campuses are well underway in launching their own initiatives to encourage more entrepreneurial activity. And our new strategic plan is encouraging even more effort to create a culture on every campus that rewards new ways of thinking and doing that result in new jobs, from improving the effectiveness of our technology transfer efforts to advocating for statewide innovation strategies.

Across the University of North Carolina, campuses are offering majors and minors in entrepreneurship that are focused not only on businesses, but also on social and governmental enterprises. Universities are taking a holistic approach to entrepreneurship, to create a more entrepreneurial culture throughout the campus.