Spanish Services

Regardless of whether a school district or identified GEAR UP target school has a large or small Latino population, it is critical and expected that district-based GEAR UP NC staff make a concerted effort to reach and engage Latino students and their families. As part of the GEAR UP NC State Office team, the Spanish Services Manager is available to provide guidance, information, and resources to students, their families, and educators in each school district and identified GEAR UP target schools that are tailored to meet the needs of the Latino population. This information, both verbal and written, can be provided in English or Spanish. The video below demonstrates the importance of engaging Latino students and their families in your district’s college access efforts.

Looking for information and ways to effectively engage with and provide educational programming to Latino/Hispanic audiences?

This past year, the North Carolina Cooperative Extension Latino Advisory Council conducted a statewide survey to inform and to provide direction on successful programming which includes data on the best times and places for program participation, perceived barriers to participation, and methods for sharing information about program offerings. Additionally, there is some basic demographic information to provide us with a better understanding of the survey population. Click here to review the survey results. 
As we work with diverse student populations across North Carolina, we often encounter many questions that relate to immigrant students' access to higher education and their eligibility for specific types of financial aid.  "Ensuring College Access Para Todos: A Guide for Advising Immigrant Students" is a resource to assist teachers, counselors and GEAR UP NC professionals to better understand the issues and barriers immigrant students face, as well as to help us develop more inclusive advising in our work with all students. Please share this guide with your colleagues and district staff.

Additional Spanish Resources