District GEAR UP Implementation

Implementation Guide (Last Updated: August 2012)


GEAR UP NC Resources 

State Office Contact Information (Exhibit 1.1)
Goals and Objectives (Exhibit 1.2)
Required Services (Exhibit 1.3)
Grades Served 2012-19 (Exhibit 1.4)

Field Services
Minimum Required Student and Family Services by Grade (Exhibit 2.1)

Progress Report (Exhibit 2.4)
School Assignment Plan (Exhibit 2.8)
Profile Welcome Form (Exhibit 2.9)
Transition Plan (Exhibit 2.10)
Pledge (Exhibit 2.11)
Templates (Exhibit 2.12)
School District Summer Enrichment (Exhibit 2.14)

Programming and Outreach
Programming and Outreach Expectations (Exhibit 3.1)
Statewide Initiatives Expectations (Exhibit 3.2)
GEAR UP for College Week
NC College Application Week
Students@Work Week
Personal Financial Literacy Month
College Savings Day

Sample GEAR UP Day Student and Chaperone Roster and Transportation Plan (Exhibit 3.3)
Student Roster
Chaperone Roster and Transportation Plan

Finance and Compliance
Instructions for Completing the Monthly Claim Reimbursement (Exhibit 4.1)
Claim Reimbursement Form - Updated September 2013 (Exhibit 4.1)
Cost-Share Submission Form (Exhibit 4.2)

Research and Evaluation
Service Protocol for Data Entry (Exhibit 5.1)
Sample District Highlights (Exhibit 5.2)