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June 2006 / Overview

5 June 2006

Date: June 9, 2006
Location: C.D. Spangler Building, Board Room


6-9-06 minutes-open.pdf Approved Minutes of June 9, 2006
Appendix A - Bataille resolution.pdf Appendix A - Resolution Honoring Dr. Gretchen M. Bataille
Appendix B - Thompson resolution.pdf Appendix B - Resolution Honoring Dr. Richard L. Thompson
Appendix C - Auth for Opt Reedemption of Rev Bonds, NCSU.pdf Appendix C - Authorization for Optional Redemption of Revenue Bonds-NCSU
Appendix D - Auth for Sale of Spec Obl Bonds, UNCC.pdf Appendix D - Authorization of the Sale of Special Obligation Bonds-UNCC
Appendix E - Mngmt Flex-Increase in Purch Bnmk, UNCC.pdf Appendix E - Approval of Management Flexibility-UNCC
Appendix F - Auth of New CI Projects, NCCU.pdf Appendix F - Authorization of New Capital Improvements Projects-NCCU
Appendix G - Auth to Exchange Property, NCSU.pdf Appendix G -Authorization to Exchange Property for Ground Lease of Property-NCSU
Appendix H - Apprvl of Out-Lease of Space, NCSU.pdf Appendix H - Approval of Out-Lease of Space-NCSU
Appendix I - Auth for Disposition of Property, NCSU.pdf Appendix I - Authority for Disposition of Property-NCSU
Appendix J - Auth to Est BS in Art Ed, FSU.pdf Appendix J - Authorization to Establish the B.S in Art Education-FSU
Appendix K - Auth to Est BS in Fire Science, FSU.pdf Appendix K - Authorization to Establish the B.S. in Fire Science-FSU
Appendix L - Auth to Est BA in Art History, UNCC.pdf Appendix L - Authorization to Establish B.A. in Art History-UNCC
Appendix M - Auth to Est BS in Const Mgmt, UNCC.pdf Appendix M - Authority to Establish B.S. in Construction Management-UNCC
Appendix N - Auth to Est MS in Athletic Trng, ECU.pdf Appendix N - Authorization to Establish the M.S in Athletic Training-ECU
Appendix O - Auth to Est MS in Software Eng, ECU.pdf Appendix O - Authorization to Establish the M.S in Sofware Engineering-ECU
Appendix P - Auth to Est MS in Comp & Info Sci, NCCU.pdf Appendix P - Authorization to Establish the M.S in Computer and Information Sciences-NCCU
Appendix Q - Auth to Est MA in Ethics & AP, UNCC.pdf Appendix Q - Authorization to Establish the M.A. in Ethics and Applied Philsophy-UNCC
Appendix R - Auth to Est MA in Teaching Engl as 2nd Lang, WSSU.pdf Appendix R - Authorization to Establish the M.A. in Teaching English-WSSU
Appendix S - Apprvl of Amendments to Policy 300.2.2.doc.pdf Appendix S - Approval of the Proposed Amendments to Policy 3002.2.
Appendix T - Code Change Section 301.pdf Appendix T - Approval to Amendments to Section 301, The Code
Appendix U - President Bowles' Report.pdf Appendix U - President Bowles' Report
Appendix V - Amendment to 2006-07 Budget Priorities.pdf Appendix V - Amendment to the 2006-07 Budget Priorities
Appendix W - Lease of Student Housing, FSU.pdf Appendix W - Lease of Student Housing-FSU
Appendix X - Chairman Wilson's Remarks.pdf Appendix X - Chairman Wilson's Remarks
Appendix Y - Summary Personnel Report.pdf Appendix Y - Summary Personnel Report
Appendix Z - Motion to Appr Trust Custodial Agrmt for ORP.pdf Appendix Z - Approve/Custodial Agreements for Optional Retirement Program