Board of Governors Premeeting Materials/Minutes
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May 2006 / Overview

5 May 2006

Date: May 12, 2006
Location: C.D. Spangler Building, Board Room


5-12-06 minutes-open.pdf Approved Minutes of May 12, 2006
Appendix A-Dr. Harewood.pdf Appendix A - Remarks by Dr. Ken R. Harewood, 2006 O. Max Gardner Award Recipient
Appendix B-Designation of Millennial Campus, WCU.pdf Appendix B - Approval of the Designation of Millennial Campus-WCU
Appendix C-Lease of Joint Millennial Campus, NCA&T and UNCG.pdf Appendix C - Approval of the Lease of joint Millennial Campus-NCA&T/UNCG
Appendix D-Lease of Student Housing, NCCU.pdf Appendix D - Approval of Leases of Student Housing-NCCU
Appendix E-Lease of Space, WSSU.pdf Appendix E - Approval of Lease of Space-WSSU
Appendix F-Emergency CI Project, NCCU.pdf Appendix F - Approval of the Declaration of Emergency Capital Imrporements Project-NCCU
Appendix G-New CI Project, WSSU.pdf Appendix G - Authorization of new Capital Improvements Project-WSSU
Appendix H-Report on Univ Fiscal Liabilities.pdf Appendix H - Acceptance of the Report on University Fiscal Liabilities
Appendix I-BS in Secondary Education, NCA&T.pdf Appendix I - Authorization to Establish the B.S. in Secondary Education-NCA&T
Appendix J-BA Religious Studies, UNCA.pdf Appendix J - Authorization to Establish the B.A in Religious Studies-UNCA
Appendix K-MS in Human Devel, NCSU and UNCG.pdf Appendix K - Authorization to Establish the Joint master of Science in Human Development-NCSU/UNCG
Appendix L-MA in Teaching English,WCU.pdf Appendix L - Authorization to Establish the M.A. in Teaching English-WCU
Appendix M-DP in Computational Science, NCA&T.pdf Appendix M - Authorization to Plan the PhD in Computational Science-NCA&T
Appendix N-DP in Computational Math, UNCG.pdf Appendix N - Authorization to Plan PhD in Computational Mathematics-UNCG
Appendix O-DE in Educational Ldrshp and Admin, UNCW.pdf Appendix O - Authorization to Plan the Doctor of Education in Ed Leadership and Administration-UNCW
Appendix P-DP in Geography and URD, UNCC.pdf Appendix P - Authorization to Establish PhD in Geography & Urban Regional Development-UNCC
Appendix Q-Licensure for USC to offer program in Charlotte.pdf Appendix Q - Approval of Licensure for Univeristy of SC to offer programs in Charlotte/Greensboro
Appendix R-Licensure for ECPI to offer programs in Greensboro.pdf Appendix R - Approval of Licensure for teh ECPI College of Technoogy to offer programs in Greensboro
Appendix S-Licensure for CMU to offer programs in Goldsboro.pdf Appendix S - Approval of Licensure for Central Michigan U to offer concentration at Seymour Johnson
Appendix T-Report on Primary Care Medical Educations Plans.pdf Appendix T - Approval of the Report on Primary Care Medical Ed Plans 2006 Update
Appendix U-Principal Supply and Demand Report.pdf Appendix U - Approval of Principal Supply and Demand Report
Appendix V-Amendments to Policy 300.2.14.pdf Appendix V - Approval of Amendment to Policy 300.2.14, Non-Salary and Deferred Compensation
Appendix W-Amendment to the Non-Budget Legislative Agenda.pdf Appendix W - Approval of an Amendment to the Non-Budget Legislative Agenda
Appendix X-Approval to Policy 100.4.pdf Appendix X - Approval of Policy 100.4, Review of Umstead Act Exceptions
Appendix Y-Priorities and Strategic Directions of UNC.pdf Appendix Y - Priorities and Strategic Directions of the University of North Carolina
Appendix Z-Report on Distance Education.pdf Appendix Z - Report on Expanding Access to Higher Ed through State-Funded Distance Ed Programs
Appendix AA-The Role of the University in Community and Economic Development.pdf Appendix AA - Report of the Special Committee on the Role of the University in Economic Development
Appendix BB-Summary Personnel Report - No Salaries.pdf Appendix BB - Summary Personnel Report
Appendix CC-P&T Motions.pdf Appendix CC - Motion to Approve Trustees/Custodians, Agreements and Authority to the President
Appendix DD-Resolution Honoring Retiring Faculty.pdf Appendix DD - Resolution Honoring the 2006 Retiring Faculty
Appendix EE-Mr. Mauceri.pdf Appendix EE - Remarks by Mr. John Mauceri, Chancellor-Elect North Carolina School of the Arts
Appendix FF-President Bowles' Report.pdf Appendix FF - President Bowles' Report
Appendix GG-Resolution Honoring Chancellor James C. Renick.pdf Appendix GG - Resolution Honoring Chancellor James C. Renick
Appendix HH-Resolution Honoring Zachary A. Wynne.pdf Appendix HH - Resolution Honoring Mr. Zachary A. Wynne