CHAPEL HILL, NC – UNC Board of Governors Chair Randy Ramsey has announced assignments for the UNC Board of Governors standing and special committees for the 2020-2021 year. These committees play a critical role in developing policy recommendations and ensuring oversight of the university system. The assignments will go into effect on July 1, 2020.

“The primary focus of this Board will always be good governance that positively impacts the UNC System and serves the taxpayers of North Carolina,” said Chair Ramsey. “Our members seek to make informed decisions and to identify solutions for this state—and these committee appointments are a big part of the strategy. I couldn’t be prouder of the work our committees have done over this past year, and I look forward to what’s to come.” 

The UNC Board of Governors is responsible for the planning, development, and overall governance of all affairs of the state’s public university system. The Board of Governors has 24 voting members, elected by the North Carolina General Assembly to staggered four-year terms. Additionally, emeritus members and the president of the UNC Association of Student Governments serve as nonvoting members of the Board.

The new committee assignments include: 


Committee on Budget and Finance (six voting members)

James L. Holmes, Jr. (Chair)
J. Alexander Mitchell (Vice Chair)
Michael Williford (Secretary)
Darrell Allison
W. Marty Kotis, III
Wendy Floyd Murphy
Chancellor Sheri N. Everts
Chancellor Kevin Guskiewicz
Chancellor Randy Woodson

Committee on Educational Planning, Policies, and Programs (five voting members, one current vacancy)

Temple Sloan (Chair)
Anna Spangler Nelson (Vice Chair)
Steven B. Long (Secretary)
Isaiah Green
Thomas C. Goolsby
Chancellor Franklin Gilliam
Chancellor Todd Roberts
Chancellor Elwood L. Robinson

Committee on Personnel and Tenure (six voting members)

Kellie Hunt Blue (Chair)
Reginald Ronald Holley (Vice Chair)
R. Doyle Parrish (Secretary)
Carolyn Coward
Robert Rucho
W. Louis Bissette, Jr.
Dwight D. Stone
Chancellor Johnson O. Akinleye
Chancellor Harold L. Martin
Chancellor Jose V. Sartarelli

Committee on University Governance (six voting members)

David Powers (Chair)
Terry Hutchens (Vice Chair)
C. Philip Byers (Secretary)
Pearl Burris-Floyd
Mark Holton
N. Leo Daughtry
Dr. Wesley Burks
Chancellor Karrie G. Dixon
Interim Chancellor Ron Mitchelson

Committee on Audit, Risk Management, and Compliance (five voting members)

Mark Holton (Chair)
Pearl Burris-Floyd (Vice Chair)
Terry Hutchens (Secretary)
James L. Holmes, Jr.
Wendy Floyd Murphy
Chancellor Nancy J. Cable
Chancellor Sharon L. Gaber

Committee on Public Affairs (five voting members)

C. Philip Byers (Chair)
Dwight D. Stone (Vice Chair)
Steven B. Long (Secretary)
N. Leo Daughtry
Temple Sloan
Chancellor Robin Gary Cummings
Interim Chancellor Peggy Valentine


Committee on Strategic Initiatives (six voting members)

Carolyn Coward (Chair)
J. Alex Mitchell (Vice Chair)
W. Marty Kotis, III (Secretary)
Anna Spangler Nelson
David Powers
Michael Williford
Chancellor Kelli Brown
Chancellor Brian Cole

Committee on Historically Minority-Serving Institutions (five voting members)

Darrell Allison (Chair)
R. Doyle Parrish (Vice Chair)
James L. Holmes, Jr. (Secretary)
Kellie Hunt Blue
Reginald Ronald Holley
Chancellor Johnson O. Akinleye
Chancellor Karrie Dixon

Committee on Military and Veterans Affairs (four voting members, one current vacancy)

N. Leo Daughtry (Chair)
Thomas C. Goolsby (Vice Chair)
Robert Rucho (Secretary)
Isaiah Green
Interim Chancellor Ron Mitchelson
Interim Chancellor Peggy Valentine

Subcommittee on Laboratory Schools (three voting members)

C. Philip Byers (Chair)
Darrell Allison (Vice Chair)
Reginald Ronald Holley (Secretary)