As part of a national initiative to increase employment opportunities for veterans and military spouses, UNCW is playing a key role in efforts to connect employers with military-affiliated students who will enter the workforce upon graduation.

Several UNCW employees recently attended the summer meeting of Hiring Our Heroes, a program sponsored by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation. University representatives serve on HOH advisory councils concerned with the employment of veterans and military spouses, respectively, and are sharing best practices for employers interested in hiring students with military ties.

“As a university that was established to serve World War II veterans and which is within 100 miles of several major military bases, UNCW is dedicated to helping military-affiliated students find meaningful employment,” said Siobhan Norris, UNCW military liaison and program manager, a veteran who is married to an active-duty servicemember.

UNCW’s participation in HOH aligns with the Strategic Plan, which emphasizes preparing students for post-graduation success and increasing career placement.

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Originally published June 20, 2018. Written by Tricia Vance.