UNC Greensboro’s International Programs Center (IPC) has teamed up with ISA/WorldStrides to offer global remote internships to undergraduate students.

The new program, which launched at UNCG in January, provides students the opportunity to gain hands-on, international work experience, earn academic credit, and develop key intercultural competencies in a fully online environment.

The program currently offers virtual placements in Australia, Peru, Spain, and Vietnam. Students can complete internships in a variety of fields – business, education, computer science, social work, etc. 

“It’s an amazing opportunity for students to broaden their future career opportunities,” said Logan Stanfield, study abroad coordinator for IPC. “We want students to realize that there are opportunities beyond North Carolina, and beyond the United States. It’s becoming much easier and more realistic for folks to take on global remote work in their careers. The best part to me is how programs like this break through all sorts of barriers that otherwise might keep a student from having a transformative global experience.”

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