The University of North Carolina System has signed an Educational Partnership Agreement with the XVIII Airborne (ABN) Corps with NC State as the lead institution. This partnership will strengthen the UNC System’s existing relationship with the military and allow for new opportunities to encourage and enhance education, research, and innovation in STEM and other disciplines. 

“We don’t have a monopoly on concepts; there are some great ideas in academia and we’ve already found some amazing ideas here at the UNC System,” says Lt. Gen. Erik Kurilla, commander of the XVIII Airborne. “For us, this is about tapping into those ideas, expanding our network of innovation, and building opportunities to bring dynamic change to our troops.”

NC State has partnered to improve our nation’s defense and security consistently throughout its history. With a demonstrated track record of defense consortia leadership locally and globally, the university enables rapid innovation by bringing together academia and industry and applying their strengths to defense and security issues.