Fayetteville State University celebrates 150th anniversary

FSU is a constituent institution of the University of North Carolina System and the second-oldest public institution of higher education in the state. FSU offers nearly 60 degrees at the bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral levels. Read more

Sixteen campuses are fully consolidated as part of the UNC System

System institutions include Appalachian State University, East Carolina University, Elizabeth City State University, Fayetteville State University, North Carolina A&T State University, North Carolina Central University, North Carolina State University, UNC Asheville, UNC-Chapel Hill, UNC Charlotte, UNC Greensboro, UNC Pembroke, UNC School of the Arts, UNC Wilmington, Western Carolina University, and Winston-Salem State University.

The UNC System inaugurates President Peter Hans

UNC System constituents gather at N.C. State University to celebrate the 50th anniversary and the inauguration of President Peter Hans as the seventh president of the consolidated System. 

Peter Hans becomes seventh president of the UNC System

Peter Hans is the seventh president of the University of North Carolina System and a lifelong supporter of public higher education. As a first-generation college graduate from rural North Carolina, he knows the value of access to an affordable, high-quality education for everyone. Since taking the helm of the UNC System in August of 2020, …

Fixed Tuition program implemented

Launched in Fall 2016 as part of the UNC System’s strategic plan, in-state undergraduate students on all UNC campuses pay the same tuition rate until they graduate, provided they are enrolled for consecutive fall and spring semesters in their university and graduate in four years. For first-year students, that amounts to eight consecutive semesters. Read …

Margaret Spellings becomes sixth president of the UNC System     

Margaret Spellings becomes the sixth president of the UNC System in March 2016, launching a five-pronged strategic plan focused on the areas of access, affordability, student success, economic impact, and excellent and diverse institutions. Born in Michigan, Spellings grew up in Texas and graduated from the University of Houston with a bachelor’s degree in political …

Connect NC Bond passes by two-thirds of voters     

In the first statewide bond passed since 2000, two-thirds of North Carolina voters support borrowing $2 billion for campus construction and infrastructure. Two-thirds of the money goes toward public universities and community colleges, specifically supporting buildings for science, technology, engineering, mathematics, and health care. Read More

The UNC System celebrates 40th anniversary

In a first-ever event, the University of North Carolina presidents meet to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the legislation that brought all 16 of North Carolina’s public universities into the UNC System. The show features Former Governor Jim Holshouser, who leads the candid talk with William Friday, C.D. Spangler Jr., Molly Corbett Broad, Erskine Bowles, …

Thomas Ross becomes fifth president of the UNC System

Ross takes his seat as the fifth president of UNC, focusing his strategic plan on goals related to adult educational attainment, online education, financial efficiency, and research. He serves from 2011 to 2016. Born and raised in Greensboro, Thomas Ross received his bachelor’s degree in political science from Davidson College and graduated with honors from …

Erskine Bowles becomes fourth president of UNC System

Bowles, an investment banker from Charlotte, is elected president of the UNC System. The guiding message of Bowles’ presidency is “Low tuition without high-quality education is no bargain for anyone.” He puts this into practice by keeping tuition low, cutting costs, and strengthening the university’s focus on serving the needs of the state. Bowles’ fiscal …

Voters approve $3.1 billion higher education bond referendum

North Carolinians vote overwhelmingly in favor of the nation’s largest ever higher education bond. The measure authorizes the issue of $3.1 billion in bonds for improvements to the UNC System, community colleges, and facilities of the UNC Health Care System.

Molly Corbett Broad becomes third president of UNC System

Upon her election as the first female and first non-North Carolinian UNC President, Broad strategically focuses on doubling overall minority enrollment and leads efforts to establish a need-based financial aid program for in-state students. The daughter of two public school teachers, Molly Corbett Broad was born in Pennsylvania and earned her undergraduate degree from Syracuse …

NC State Centennial Campus established   

North Carolina Governor and NC State alumnus James B. Hunt Jr., allocate the initial 355-acre parcel of land for the university’s Centennial Campus. The land had previously been part of the Dorothea Dix hospital. Read more

C.D. Spangler Jr. becomes second president of the UNC System

President C.D. Spangler Jr., brings a businessman’s sensibilities to his role as leader of the state’s public higher education system. Spangler steadfastly believes in every North Carolinian’s constitutional right to affordable public higher education. During his tenure, he refuses a presidential salary, famously opting to instead donate the money to the System’s campuses. Born in …

General Assembly enacts legislation restructuring the UNC System

After several standoffs and much political maneuvering between Scott and Friday and various factions, the General Assembly passes legislation consolidating the University of North Carolina into a 16-campus system. Under the legislation, 10 campuses are added, campus boards of trustees are retained, and a new 32-member UNC Board of Governors is created to govern the …