SA Meeting Dates

Below is a list of all the meeting dates for each committee of the UNC Staff Assembly.


2015 Full Body Assembly Meetings

  • December 8-9 – UNC General Administration

Budget and Planning

Contact Kim Higdon at ECU for meeting information.

Human Resources

Contact Daphine Richardson for meeting information.

Campus Chairs

Contact Byron Riddick, FSU for additional meeting information.

Fourth Friday of the Month 10-12 noon (except as noted*)

  • 12/18/2015

Communication & Technology

All meetings of the Communications & Technology Committee will be held by teleconference.  Contact Patsy Seiler, UNCSA.


The Governance Committee meets on the fourth Monday of each month from 2pm-4pm by teleconference.  Contact Garrett Killian, ECU for additional meeting information.

Staff Development

Contact Wyona Goodwin for information.  Upcoming Meetings are to be determined.


Contact Shalene Griffin for information.