Legal Affairs

The Division of Legal Affairs works with University leadership to develop strategies and lead operations that are risk informed, legally compliant, and supportive of the UNC System’s mission.

The professionals within the division participate as team members, project leads, and partners to identify opportunities, solve problems, ensure that the University and its institutions operate within the requirements of law and regulation, and conform to consistent institutional expectations of ethics and integrity.

The major areas of work for the division are as follows:

Oversight and Support of Integrated Objective Advice and Counsel in Legal, Safety, Audit, and Compliance Matters, and Support of System-wide Management.

This activity is directed at providing the Board of Governors, the president, the senior team, the president’s staff, and other University officers and staff with reliable, accurate, and independent advice that is actionable and in furtherance of their responsibilities to the University. This activity also supports significant projects, Board workgroups, and ensures the Division focuses on providing counsel, expertise, and support on all matters presented by the Board, president, and System officials, including matters of governance, ethics, and conflicts of interest.

Legal Advice and Counsel

As a state entity, federal aid recipient, and federal contractor, the UNC System is required to comply with hundreds of federal and state laws, policies, and ever-evolving case law. Our legal staff provides the expertise to identify, interpret, and advise on this complex governing framework, consistent with the NC Rules of Professional Conduct. Legal Affairs is responsible for establishing, approving, and overseeing relationships with outside counsel.

Within the Office of Legal Affairs, we oversee the relationship with the Attorney General’s Office and shared legal services for the constituent institutions in the area of immigration law.


Andrew Tripp
Senior Vice President for Legal Affairs & General Counsel | 919-962-4588

Ruth A. Brill
Executive Assistant to the Senior Vice President for Legal Affairs & General Counsel | 919-962-4588

Paulette J. Stroman
Paralegal | 919-843-6997

Office of Legal Affairs

Carolyn C. Pratt
Deputy General Counsel | 919-962-3406

Michael R. Delafield
Senior Associate General Counsel | 919-962-6162

Bridget Bishop
Associate General Counsel | 919-962-0444

Carrie O. Johnston
Assistant General Counsel | 919-445-0473

John J. Dougherty
Assistant General Counsel | 919-962-2579

Haley Lohr
Higher Education Legal Fellow | 919-962-0330

Anne H. Phillips
Assistant General Counsel | 919-962-0533