The UNC Online Team

The UNC Online Team is one operational arm of the Office of Digital Learning, focused on tools and programs that directly engage the student population. The team designs, builds, and supports a set of shared services. More than 40,000 students utilize these services each year.

These services include:

  • An online programs catalog with over 400 fully online programs offered across the UNC System
  • A cross-institution courses registration tool, which allows UNC System students to register and calculate transfer credits for online courses at any other constituent institution for no extra charge
  • A proctoring system that ensures academic integrity through the use of UNC Online-licensed proctors to administer exams

Jim Ptaszynski, Ph.D.
Vice President for Digital Learning | 919-843-5705
Dr. Ptaszynski leads efforts to accelerate the adoption of technology to support student and institutional success across the 17 institutions in the UNC System. His also supports new initiatives to improve access, reduce cost, and expand program offerings through digital learning technology. 

Kevin Nathanson
Senior Director of Product Management and Technology Integration, UNC Online | 919-962-4208
Mr. Nathanson is responsible for the planning, design, development, and operation of the UNC Online System. He liaises with all key technology stakeholders, including System and institutional executive leaders, registrars, financial aid offices, distance education directors, IT departments, testing/proctoring centers, and online course instructors. He also leads other key technology development programs, including the military academic credit database and a set of course equivalency tools, designed to facilitate NC Community College System transfers.

Diane Horton
UNC Online Proctoring Coordinator | 919-962-4786
Ms. Horton ensures proctors and proctoring sites meet defined test security and quality standards. She also assists with website design and maintenance, proctor recruiting, and other duties as assigned. Additionally, she provides support and guidance to online students, faculty members, and proctors who participate in the UNC Online Proctoring Network.

Mandy Dough
UNC Online Service Manager | 252-737-4295
Ms. Dough is responsible for UNC Online customer service. In this capacity, she leads support interactions with students, prospective students, faculty, and other stakeholders. She operates systems for managing relationships with these audiences, measuring performance and ensuring customer satisfaction.

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