Introducing “Spotlight on Digital Learning Leaders”

One of the things that makes our university so special is that we have so many great people.  This definitely applies to the area of digital learning. But, given how spread out we are across the state, for example, its over 460 miles between Western Carolina University and Elizabeth City State University, this sometimes makes it difficult for us to share and to collaborate.

While we do many things to virtually close this distance — and share amongst each other– like our weekly newsletter, workshops and monthly webinars, we decided to add another resource…one that spotlights the work of some very special people.

So, we are asking our colleagues across the system three questions:

  1. What is your role?
  2. How did you come to this role?
  3. Give us an example where you effectively used technology to solve a teaching problem of practice?

These videos are intended to be short—only about three minutes—so we hope you will regularly take time to listen into these conversations.

Finally, if you are listening to this, YOU probably have some interesting examples to share yourself.  Please reach out to me if there is a chance you might be willing to share in a future episode of “Spotlight on Digital Learning Leaders.”