Compliance and Risk Management

Activities in this area are designed to identify, report, and/or assist the University in addressing strategic, operational, and compliance risks across the enterprise. This work helps provide assurance that System institutions and entities comply with law, regulation, and policy, understanding that all authority for the UNC System’s operations is sourced in a single-governing board, which establishes and maintains a policy framework within which University leadership, along with faculty and staff, operate to achieve the University’s mission.

Examples of activities include internal audits and investigations; System-wide compliance through the Business Compliance Program; Title IX and Clery, and related training and coordination; System-wide activities in safety and emergency operations; legal counsel and advice; and other activities focused on identifying, assessing, and mitigating risk at the enterprise level.

Office of Compliance and Audit Services Contacts

S. Lynne Sanders, CPA
Vice President for Compliance and Audit Services | 919-962-4610

J. Wesley Chancey
University Compliance Director | 919-962-6077

Jerry C. Flood, CPA
Special Projects Analyst | 919-843-3683

Heather L. Hummer
Business Compliance Analyst | 919-843-0342