June 4, 2019

CHAPEL HILL, NC – University of North Carolina System spokesperson Josh Ellis released the following statement: 

“Vidant, Pitt County and the UNC System have agreed to mediation, which the UNC System views as the best way to resolve the concerns of all parties and to provide a stable platform for medical education and healthcare in eastern North Carolina. We continue to believe that the best path forward for Vidant, Pitt County and East Carolina University would be to honor the long-standing partnership that has served eastern North Carolina well for more than 40 years and to fully restore the governance structure all parties had agreed to in the affiliation agreement. We welcome future dialogue with Vidant leadership and look forward to hearing their concerns, as well as resolving problems that have arisen in the relationship with Vidant and its support of the Brody School of Medicine."

East Carolina University

Tuesday, June 4, 2019

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