2017 Resolutions 2


Leaders throughout the system announce resolutions for 2017

During the holiday season, it’s a time-honored tradition to prepare resolutions for the new year. Here in the UNC system, we’re no different. We asked campus leaders from across the system to give us their goals and wishes for 2017 in the form of a Tweet, and here’s what they said.

New Year’s Resolutions

Margaret Spellings, President, University of North Carolina: Together, we can make higher education our higher expectation for every person in North Carolina. #UNC2017Resolutions

Lou Bissette, Chairman, UNC Board of Governors: I’m looking forward to all Board members rolling up their sleeves & implementing a strategic plan for @UNC_System to be recognized as best in the nation.

Gabriel Lugo, Chairman, UNC Faculty Senate and associate professor of mathematics and statistics at UNC Wilmington: I have a life-time resolution that is probably shared by all of my colleagues: To pass along to our pupils, the knowledge, truth, beauty, virtuousness and other lessons we learned from our masters.

Pernell Bartlett, Chairman, UNC Staff Assembly: May staff across the system have a productive, prosperous, and rewarding work experience that contributes to the campus's success in 2017.

Madeline Finnegan, President, UNC Association of Student Governments: My hope for the year is that our universities become more accessible to those who never before saw higher education as a real option.

Elwood Robinson, Chancellor, Winston-Salem State University: For WSSU to celebrate its 125th anniversary by honoring our past, being energized in our present, and envisioning a transformative future. #RamPride

Lindsay Bierman, Chancellor, University of North Carolina School of the Arts: We’ll make ‘17 the Year of the Pickle, defining UNCSA as America’s innovative arts conservatory & the South’s leading cultural institution. #WeCreateHere

Frank Gilliam, Chancellor, UNC Greensboro: Let’s take GIANT steps @UNCG in 125th year: Create new student experiences; Open amazing new facilities. Access, Opportunity, Excellence for ALL!

Robin Gary Cummings, Chancellor, UNC Pembroke: #UNCP in 2017: EMPHASIZE student success, EXPAND academic opportunities, EDUCATE about #NCPromise. And win a few athletics championships!

Mary Grant, Chancellor, UNC Asheville: Looking forward to the New Year and building and growing our brand of excellence in public liberal arts education #GoBulldogs #HappyNewYear

Brian Sickora, Director and General Manager, UNC-TV: We @UNCTV resolve to better reflect our growing state by listening more, sharing more, & creating programs for all North Carolinians.

Joshua Zhou, Student Body President, North Carolina School of Science and Math: To help my peers reach their full learning potential by leveling their opportunity playing field and actively understanding their needs.

Titus Lee, UNC Presidential Scholar and Elizabeth City State University graduate: To gain maturity through workplace experience & a clear path to continue that which was instilled in us from our UNC System institutions.

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

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