NC State University’s upcoming two-day barbecue camp will cover much more than the state’s traditional Eastern and Lexington styles, as presenters delve into the cuisine of other national barbecue hot spots such as Memphis, Kansas City and Texas.

The sold-out camp, set for June 3 and 4, covers a range of topics, including sauces, rubs and side items; whole hog preparation; smoked sausages; and pit styles, wood types and equipment. It features demonstrations, talks and a roundtable discussion as well as all meals, including a brisket dinner, a sausage biscuit breakfast, a chicken and ribs lunch and a pig picking with chuck-wagon sides.

This is the second year for the BBQ camp, organized by NC State University’s Meat Extension specialist Dr. Dana Hanson and the North Carolina Meat Packers Association.

Hanson said that the camp’s goal is to “to build on barbecue’s popularity as a way to help educate consumers on how to prepare muscle foods so that they are not only safe but also taste good.”

Camp Details

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