NC A&T's Economic Impact

The people of North Carolina have made a major investment in North Carolina A&T State University, and that investment is paying off well, Chancellor Harold L. Martin, Sr., told a group of Greensboro business and political leaders Friday.

Martin released the results of studies of N.C. A&T’s economic impact on the Triad region and the state. They were conducted by the University of North Carolina system, along with similar studies for each UNC university and the overall system.

“A&T has made significant social and economic impacts, globally and right here in our region and state,” Martin said.

“As a public institution of higher learning, we are tasked with being stewards of our state’s tax dollars while offering our students a high-quality education. A higher education is the biggest investment that can be made toward training the global leaders of tomorrow.”

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North Carolina A&T State University

Friday, February 20, 2015

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