The statistics are startling: 1 in 4 women will be a victim of domestic violence at some point in her life in America.  On average, 3 women are killed by a current or former intimate partner every day. While the emotional devastation of domestic violence on victims and their families is incalculable, a new study by researchers at UNC Charlotte attempts to quantify the hard costs.

The research, featured in the Charlotte Observer, reveals a staggering $307 million annual price tag for domestic violence in North Carolina.

To put this figure into perspective, the economic toll of domestic violence in North Carolina every year is approximately one-third of what the state spent in the aftermath of Hurricane Hugo.

“Our study illustrates the range of impacts - both private and public - as well as the prevalence of domestic violence in North Carolina,” says Stephen Billings, associate professor of economics in the UNC Charlotte Belk College of Business. He co-chaired the study with Jennifer Troyer, professor of economics in the Belk College of Business.

Learn more about UNCC's study.

UNC Charlotte

Thursday, October 30, 2014

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