Five students from the Hubei University of Chinese Medicine are attending Winston-Salem State University this year as participants in a dual degree program in nursing.

"This is the first cohort of students who have come from Hubei University as part of a partnership that began seven years ago," said Dr. Peggy Valentine, dean of the School of Health Sciences. "These students will complete their final two years of nursing at WSSU and will receive dual degrees from Hubei and our institution."

The dual degree program was established in 2012 when Wang Hua, president of Hubei University, and several of the school's key administrators visited WSSU. Representatives of both universities had worked to create a program that allows nursing students who complete two years at Hubei to transfer to WSSU to pursue their B.S.N. degree.

In addition to delegations from Hubei visiting WSSU, WSSU faculty members traveled to China to finalize the curriculum for the program. Also, students from both institutions have been participating in videoconferencing as part of a global understanding class.

Learn more about the dual degree program at WSSU.

Winston-Salem State University

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

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