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Legal Policies and Resources

Policies and procedures of general interest, including documents, guidelines, and resources.  

Campus Policies
Each university develops and implements its own policies on a variety of topics that directly affect the campus community. Learn more about established policies for each campus.

Policies and Resources

Advertising the North Carolina State Education Lottery at Athletic Events

Final Report of the Athletics Financial Transparency Working Group

Campus Safety
​​UNC Campus Security Initiative

Conduct During Board Meetings
Expectations of Conduct During Meetings of the UNC Board of Governors

Email as a Public Record in North Carolina a Policy for Its Retention and Disposition

External Professional Activities--Compensated/Uncompensated
Notice of Intent to Engage in External Professional Activities

Political Activities
Political Activities of Employees
Candidacy for Elective Office; Officeholding (Elective and Appointive Public Office)
Petition Regarding Political Activity
Political Campaign Activities

Public Records
Policy for Public Records Requests

Records Retention

Residency Determination System (RDS)

There is an online service to determine North Carolina residency for tuition purposes and eligibility for state grants now available to all NC colleges and universities. An early release of the NC Residency Determination Service (RDS) was introduced to a subset of students at the NC Independent Colleges and Universities in December 2016, and is now required for all students at UNC institutions and for all NC community colleges.  RDS is managed by the State Education Assitance Authority (SEAA), which is responsible for all appeals of residency determinations made through the RDS.

RDS uses an “online interview” for residency determination.  Students can access RDS through the student’s CFNC account, through all CFNC admissions applications, through campus admissions applications, or directly through the Residency Determination Service (RDS) website at

The RDS site provides guidance on state law residency requirements, RDS policies, and using the RDS online interview.  The RDS site will answer most questions. However, if additional information is needed, please call (844) 319-3640 or email





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