Committees of the Faculty Assembly

The Faculty Assembly has seven standing committees: The Executive Committee, HMSI, and Senate Chairs committees are long-standing. The four additional standing committees are Communications, Educational Policy, Faculty Welfare, and Governance and Strategic Planning. A special Committee on Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion has also been formed to study and address this issue across the system.

Faculty Assembly Standing Committees

Communications Committee

  1. Continue the implementation of the new Faculty Assembly web page by providing an orientation to the Faculty Assembly.
  2. Continue the work on starting the UNC System on-line academic journal.
  3. Continue to work with the UNC System Vice President for Communications to highlight the work of faculty on all 17 institutions.
Melodie Galloway (Co-Chair)UNC Asheville
WadeMaki (Co-Chair)UNC Greensboro

Educational Policy Committee

  1. Serve as a faculty-response for all issues, both immediate and on-going, pertaining to COVID-19 and its impact on educational planning for the current academic year.
  2. When implemented, serve as a resource, and represent the faculty/Faculty Assembly for the next System strategic planning process.
  3. Where indicated, serve as an educational resource for the Committee on Educational Planning, Policies, and Programs, and the Special Committee on Strategic Initiatives.
  4. Faculty workload – look at 2017 (2014 data) past study; develop policies/standards, connections to Faculty Welfare – look at compensation data.
  5. Incentives for faculty and faculty retention, specifically tuition waiver for children of full-time faculty to NC schools – possible white paper; connections to Equity Task Force
  6. Review the research and curriculum independence in our system (given recent tenure decisions) and see what policies are in place across the system and that they remain independent for faculty.
  7. Establish relationships with the Chair/Co-Chair of the Educational Planning, Policies and Programs.
  8. Review the letter from last academic year on social studies standards to determine if the need for a response exists.
  9. Work with the Digital Learning Initiative to consider the need for the next iteration of the Designing Effective Online Courses.
  10. Maintain an advisory role with the UNC Course Numbering System (CNS) project.
  11. Establish a relationship with the new Associate Vice President for Academic Programs & Research to enhance opportunities for engaged scholarship across the System.
ReneeLamphere (Co-Chair)UNC Pembroke
Keethan Kleiner (Co-Chair)NC School of Science and Mathematics

Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (Special Committee)

  1. Working with System Office staff, assist in the implementation of a racial equity assessment on each campus.
  2. Through contact with identified and appropriate individuals on each campus, identify and assemble the best practices of activities pertaining to diversity, inclusion, and equity.
  3. Consider the need for a committee member’s involvement on the UNC System DEI Council.
Russell Robinson North Carolina Central University

Faculty Assembly Executive Committee (FAEC)

  1. Review the structure and functions of the other committees
  2. Chair the committees and task forces
  3. Prepare the agenda for Faculty Assembly meetings.
Tim IvesChair 2020-2022UNC-CH
Russell RobinsonChair-Elect 2021-2023NCCU
Nicole DobbinsVice-Chair 2021-2023NCA&T
Melodie GallowaySecretary 2021-2022UNCA
Kacey DiGiacintoParliamentarian2021-2022ECSU
Ralph Barrett HMSI Chair2021-2022NCCU
Susan Harden Delegate 5 2021-2022UNCC
Wade MakiDelegate 4 2021-2022UNCG
Renee LamphereDelegate 32021-2022UNCP
Keethan Kleiner Delegate 2 2021-2022NCSSM
Cherry Beasley At-Large 2021-2022UNCP
Karen Ford-EickhoffAt-Large 2021-2022UNCC

Faculty Welfare Committee

  1. Review the current and proposed levels of coverage for the State Health Plan and make recommendations for adjustment/improvement in collaboration with the System Office.
  2. Survey the ombuds status on each campus and establish best practices.
  3. Work with Educational Policy Committee to develop policies and standards for Faculty Workload and Compensation.
Keethan Kleiner(Co-Chair)NC School of Science and Mathematics
Karen Ford-Eickhoff (Co-Chair)UNC Charlotte

Governance/Strategic Planning Committee

  1. Develop a primer of the tenure process to inform members of the Board of Governors, Boards of Trustees, and legislators in the General Assembly.
  2. Consider a method to better utilize past Chairs of the Faculty Assembly after their terms conclude.
  3. Review the current version of the Bylaws for any additions, deletions, or omissions.
Cherry Beasley (Co-Chair)UNC Pembroke
Keethan Kleiner (Co-Chair)NC School of Science and Mathematics

Finance Committee, Chair, Susan Harden

  1. Engage in an advisory capacity with the Budget and Finance Committee of the UNC System Board of Governors.
  2. Working with the UNC System Office, review salary data across the System to determine the level of equity.
  3. Examine the impact of the UNC System One Budget concept.
  4. Working with Academic Affairs, participate in the program review process, and examine the total costs of college.

Historically Minority-Serving Institutions Committee:  Chair, Ralph Barrett

  1. Work with the Committee on Diversity, Inclusiveness, and Equity to reconsider the scope of both committees to ensure a meaningful impact on all DEI initiatives across the UNC System.
  2. Consider the need for a Caucus member’s involvement on the UNC System DEI Council.

Senate Chairs Committee

  1. Work with the Communications Committee and the UNC System Vice President from Communications to identify both student and faculty who exemplify the high ideals of student success and academic excellence on their respective campuses.
  2. Collaborate with Faculty Assembly committee chairs to facilitate shared information and data collection efforts as related to the Mission of Faculty Assembly. 
  3. Outline a plan (i.e., via white paper, profession development) for all 17 campuses to implement the best practices for faculty governance.
  4. Continue to work with campus administrations to secure an ex officio role at each of the campus Boards of Trustees (aka “Constituent Representative”).
Faculty Senate/Council Chairs, 2021-2022
Nicole Dobbins NC Agricultural & Technical University
Louis Gallien Appalachian State University
Purificacion MartinezEast Carolina University
Walter SwanElizabeth City State University
Chet Dilday Fayetteville State University
Galen Foresman NC Agricultural & Technical University
Ralph BarrettNorth Carolina Central University
Jade Berry-JamesNorth Carolina State University
Keethan Kleiner North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics
Mimi ChapmanUNC-Chapel Hill
Marietta CameronUNC Asheville
Susan Harden UNC Charlotte
Chet DildayFayetteville State University
Joe West UNC Pembroke
Josh Sealander UNC School of the Arts
Nathan GroveUNC Wilmington
Laura Wright Western Carolina University
Jack MonellWSSU