Feature Stories

  • The Year’s Top 10

    Looking Back at 2019’s Most-Read Feature Stories


    As the year comes to a close, it’s worth looking back at the UNC System’s efforts—at every level—to improve lives and strengthen North Carolina.

    University leadership has been working hard on new initiatives to promote student success. Research, teaching, and engagement has been revitalizing local economies. Students and faculty have dedicated themselves to serving communities near and afar. Partnerships and publications have helped North Carolinians relax and take time to savor all this state has to offer.

  • Reflections on Giving Tuesday

    Annual Event Serves as a Festive Culmination of Year-round Service

    Just on the heels of Black Friday and Cyber Monday comes Giving Tuesday, the unofficial national holiday focused solely on acts of generosity. Students, faculty, staff, and alumni all across the state are collaborating on donation campaigns, creating a groundswell of charitable giving.

    While charitable efforts gain considerable visibility on Giving Tuesday, similar work unfolds throughout the year at each UNC System institution.

  • Making Spirits Bright

  • Turning Up the Heat

  • Serving Those Who Serve

    New Database Will Standardize College Credit for Military Experience

    Shaheed Soligne served as a signals intelligence analyst for the Army National Guard. When he was in the service, he was utterly dedicated to his work. Now that he is a veteran, he is pursuing a professional ambition that inspires even more passion: he’s about to graduate with a degree in international studies and French, which he hopes will lead to a career in the Foreign Service.

  • Telling NC’s Ghost Stories

    UNC System Institutions Help Uncover NC Histories

    Every North Carolinian inhabits a haunted landscape. Our ghosts don’t rattle chains. Objects don’t dance when the clock strikes midnight. But we live in a state where past and present intermingle. ‘History’ isn’t gone … it’s with us in the here and now, appearing in ways that we don’t even recognize or appreciate.

  • CFNC.org Helps Students Navigate the Busy Season

    High school students in all 100 counties have built dreams around future careers and intellectual ambitions. The North Carolina Countdown to College runs throughout October, motivating high school seniors to turn those dreams into action.

  • NC Beer is Hopping—Universities Give It Lift

    Fifteen years ago, downtown Morganton was like any other small town in North Carolina. Once the sun went down, few shoe heels tapped the sidewalks. Change purses didn’t jingle. With no traffic to calm, the lights at intersections seemed to turn from green to red sluggishly—more out of habit than necessity. At night, the town was sleepy, silent, and empty.

  • Balancing the Load

    On Location for the Affordable Education Campaign

    “It was much heavier than I expected,” said Lam Huynh, as he recalled the experience of hoisting a Steadicam rig onto his shoulders for the first time.

  • Portraits of Opportunity

    Three Students Discuss the Impact of NC Promise

    As NC Countdown to College begins next week, students across the state are busy contemplating their options. Staff with the College Foundation of North Carolina are gearing up to help students complete residency forms, FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) forms, and college applications during free College Application Week, which runs from October 21-25.

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