Feature Stories

  • College Application Week, 2019

    CFNC.org Helps Students Navigate the Busy Season

    High school students in all 100 counties have built dreams around future careers and intellectual ambitions. The North Carolina Countdown to College runs throughout October, motivating high school seniors to turn those dreams into action.

  • NC Beer is Hopping—Universities Give It Lift

    Fifteen years ago, downtown Morganton was like any other small town in North Carolina. Once the sun went down, few shoe heels tapped the sidewalks. Change purses didn’t jingle. With no traffic to calm, the lights at intersections seemed to turn from green to red sluggishly—more out of habit than necessity. At night, the town was sleepy, silent, and empty.

  • Balancing the Load

    On Location for the Affordable Education Campaign

    “It was much heavier than I expected,” said Lam Huynh, as he recalled the experience of hoisting a Steadicam rig onto his shoulders for the first time.

  • Portraits of Opportunity

    Three Students Discuss the Impact of NC Promise

    As NC Countdown to College begins next week, students across the state are busy contemplating their options. Staff with the College Foundation of North Carolina are gearing up to help students complete residency forms, FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) forms, and college applications during free College Application Week, which runs from October 21-25.

  • Polishing Hidden Gems

    Encouraging Diversity in STEM Disciplines

    According to the Federal Highway Administration, there are now more women behind the wheel than men. But when it comes to the business of building what’s under the hood, the numbers tell a different story.

  • Coverage, From Manteo to Murphy

    UNC-TV Keeps the State Informed During Emergency Situations

    At the center of UNC-TV Public Media North Carolina’s logo is a curious medallion: two sets of parallel lines appear to spin outward from a circular center. It doesn’t take much of an imaginative leap to see its abstract resemblance to a hurricane. In fact, the design looks vaguely like the logo for North Carolina’s professional hockey team.

  • The Sky is Wide Open

    How the UNC System Propels Space Exploration

    In the summer of 1969, Neil Armstrong’s pronouncement reached Earth from across the void:  “One small step for man. One giant leap for mankind.” Space had become a little less empty. Fifty years later, Christina Koch’s record-breaking stint aboard the International Space Station underscores how outer space continues to fascinate. Our footsteps have led us deeper and deeper into this mysterious realm.

  • Guardrails on the Learning Curve

    Conference Highlights Innovations in Student Success Strategies

    What does it take to succeed in college? A lot more than book smarts.

  • Beating the Heat with Class

    Summer School Promotes Student Success

    UNC System campuses were once tranquil places in June and July. Emptied of students, the hallways remained quiet except for the rattle of paint crews touching up the walls and maintenance personnel tinkering about, getting the facilities ready for the August rush. Tangles of thick, orange extension cords spilled out of doorways and down stairs, supplying current to power tools and floor polishers with little risk of tripping up shuffling feet.   

  • From the Soil to the Glass

    UNC System Gives NC Wine Industry Its Legs

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