Feature Stories

  • A broad spectrum

    McLaughlin-Smith teaches UNCW faculty and students that diversity is more than race

    Because Kimberly McLaughlin-Smith’s lessons in diversity on the University of North Carolina Wilmington campus are so engaging, Victor Malo-Juvera asks her to speak to his English education class every semester.

    But he didn’t know just how effective McLaughlin-Smith’s impact was until he ran into a former student at a party.

  • Preserving life

    UNC Charlotte faculty initiative increases viability of organ transplants

    Each year, more than 120,000 people across the nation wait to receive a life-saving organ transplant. Unfortunately for those on the waiting list, only about 3,500 transplants take place because of a lack of donor organs.

  • From the basalt lava fields of Hawaii to the vast white expanse of Antarctica, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill alumna Zena Cardman has ventured to some of Earth’s most unique and remote places.

    Now she’s setting her sights on the ultimate frontier—space. Over 18,300 people applied to be in NASA’s upcoming class of astronauts. NASA announced on June 7 that Cardman was among the top 12 accepted. She reports to NASA’s Johnson Space Center in August.

  • Skills to Succeed

    Competency-Based Education Summit finding consensus for new learning evaluation

    Participants at the 2017 University of North Carolina Competency-Based Education Summit were given small Rubik’s cubes that symbolized how much of a puzzle modern education can be: while it might be simple to complete one side, to solve the entire puzzle is much more difficult.

  • Tactical Urbanism


  • Suited to a ‘T’

    ECU grad student’s patent-pending research could lead to treatment of autoimmune diseases

    Like many great scientific discoveries, Daniel Wilkinson’s came almost by accident.

  • The Board of Governors of the 17-campus University of North Carolina has selected University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill distinguished associate professor Jane F. Thrailkill, department of English and Comparative Literature in the College of Arts and Sciences, for a 2017 Award for Excellence in Teaching. Thrailkill is one of 17 recipients, nominated by special committees on their home campuses and selected by the Board of Governors’ Committee on Personnel and Tenure.

  • A New Approach

    WCU grant allows nursing students to gain valuable experience in community settings

    Maggie Henderson knew she wanted to be more than a nurse who only treats her patient’s symptoms in the hospital. She also wanted to be able to take the time to know them as people.

  • Being the Change

    New UNC ASG President wants to extend dialogue between students, Board of Governors

    “Listen to students. Learn from students. Advocate for students.”

    Tyler Hardin’s platform while running for president of the University of North Carolina Association of Student Governments was pretty straightforward. Hardin, a rising senior at Appalachian State University, wants to be the conduit between the Board of Governors and the more than 220,000 students they serve in the UNC system.

  • Head of the class

    Cumberland International Early College student graduates Fayetteville State at 18

    Mikayla Raines was one of hundreds of Fayetteville State University students to walk across the stage at the sesquicentennial commencement to accept their degree. Raines, however, is not your typical college graduate.