Feature Stories

  • Our Most Majestic Classroom

    Learning and Local Economy Blossom at The North Carolina Arboretum


    There’s more than one way to lose yourself at The North Carolina Arboretum in Asheville.

  • Symposium Highlights Innovative Uses of Teaching Technologies

    Professors can have a difficult time planning to co-teach a course with a colleague in another department: orchestrating schedules, arranging funding, coordinating lecture slots, developing complementary lesson plans. Imagine the audacity of Dr. Barbara Howard’s vision to team teach with a faculty member in another country. Howard wanted to remain on campus at Appalachian State University, while Dr. Natalia Ilyashenko would stay planted at her home institution … Novgorod State University in Russia.

  • NCCU Schweitzer Fellows Help Students Talk Their Way to Well-Being

    Believe it or not, sentence structure has an impact on health and well-being. Just ask Brandi Montgomery and Crystal Cox, two of North Carolina’s 2018-19 Schweitzer Fellows.

  • Alternative Spring Breaks Give Students a Chance to Give Back

    Contrary to what routinely plays out across TV and cinema screens, not every college student’s idea of a spring break is to baste in SPF 30 under the scorching Florida sun.

    Every year, students across the UNC System prove that fun and hard work aren’t mutually exclusive pursuits. Rather than orchestrating the mid-semester break as a getaway blowout, these students use their time off to give something back in the form of service.

  • Plotting the Course

    Data Dashboards Chart Progress Towards 2022

    An attention-grabbing tale has unfolded at North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University. In 2016, the university graduated 895 low-income students. In 2017, 1,008 low-income students completed their degrees.

  • Mending Holes

    New Report Reaffirms the Importance of University Initiatives

    Suppose a company spends millions on a pipeline to transport resources, only to discover that most of those resources aren’t getting through to their final destination. Investments in raw materials are dribbling down the drain. Downstream, supplies needed to fuel operations run short. The common-sense solution is simple: locate and patch the leak. Doing so will increase returns on investment significantly.

  • Dr. Andrew Kelly

    A Conversation With the UNC System’s Senior Vice President for Strategy and Policy

    What work does the Strategy and Policy division tackle at the UNC System Office?

    The simple answer to that question is that we are responsible for all things Strategic Plan related. When I started in 2016, the first order of business was to create a new Strategic Plan for the whole System. We then took the System-level plan, with its 11 goals, and created performance agreements that spelled out what each institution would contribute in pursuit of these goals.

  • Conference Spotlights Behavioral Health Strategies Across the System

    When Chase Holleman was a student at UNC Greensboro, he faced what could have been an insurmountable obstacle on his path toward graduation: substance use. Confronted with the seemingly endless temptations available on a college campus, Holleman turned to UNC Greensboro’s Spartan Recovery Program (SRP) for the support he needed to stay in recovery and refocus his energies. SRP helped him to accomplish his primary goal: graduation.

  • Pitching New Ideas

    Conference Highlights How Student Success is a Team Effort

    Last year, East Carolina University invited Isaiah Ybarra to throw out the first pitch for the Pirates’ “Salute to Service” baseball series. After having served ten years as a fixed wing crew chief in the United States Marines, Ybarra had returned home to major in history education.

  • Closing the Gap

    Student Success Conference Promotes Innovative Teaching Strategies

    Everyone knows this student: the one slouched in the back of the classroom with the hoody pulled over the brow. A ballcap’s brim pokes out from the fabric, shading the eyes for good measure. Age-old wisdom holds that this is the student who is ill prepared, disengaged, inattentive, and bored. The front of the classroom … that’s where hands are raised. That’s where excellence sits and learning transpires.

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