Feature Stories

  • Beating the Heat with Class

    Summer School Promotes Student Success

    UNC System campuses were once tranquil places in June and July. Emptied of students, the hallways remained quiet except for the rattle of paint crews touching up the walls and maintenance personnel tinkering about, getting the facilities ready for the August rush. Tangles of thick, orange extension cords spilled out of doorways and down stairs, supplying current to power tools and floor polishers with little risk of tripping up shuffling feet.   

  • From the Soil to the Glass

    UNC System Gives NC Wine Industry Its Legs

  • The lobby at the UNC System Office tends to be a rather solemn space. The space features a baby grand piano, but it stands silently. Visitors and staff hastily breeze through on their way to meetings, but they rarely stop and talk. Even when they do pause to chat, the conversation is typically conducted in half-whispers. But on July 12, a bustle of activity replaced the usual quiet. Five resourceful and charismatic students from the UNC System came to share ideas about how to strengthen North Carolina’s education systems.

  • Credit Where Credit is Due

    UNC System Implements Standardized AP Credit Policy

    Many incoming first-year students have just gotten one step closer to graduating from the UNC System. 

  • The Buzz in Your Cup

    Maintance crews keep the Bee Hotel in tip-top shape.

    Bee Campuses Support NC Agriculture, the Economy, and Your Coffee Habit

    Take a moment to gaze at your morning mocha latte. Odds are good there’s a bee in your drink, and for that you can be thankful.

  • Now It’s Changing the Rules of Academic Publishing

  • Accelerated Learning

    The UNC System Drives NASCAR in More Ways Than One

    Memorial Day weekend is in the rearview. NASCAR’s Coca-Cola 600 has crossed the finish line. After 400 laps, the checkered flag has waved, and the cars are now still. The roar has grown silent … for the time being.

    The fumes have dissipated and the ringing in the ears will eventually subside, but something significant will linger: fuel for North Carolina’s economy. Several UNC System institutions are delivering the innovation that helps steer this fast-moving economic sector to the inside lane.

  • Dr. Sy Atezaz Saeed
    High Resolution Photo Download

    May 22, 2019

  • “I’ve always wanted to teach because I enjoy helping people, especially kids” said Taylor Dunham. “I like helping them look past the challenges they face and to realize they can do anything they set their minds to.”

  • Graduation season is upon us. Across the state, all eyes are on the 50,000-plus students getting ready to leave the University with tassels turned to the left and diplomas in hand. But as the academic year winds down, another group is quietly returning to the fold: this year’s cohort of Fulbright Scholars, most of whom are wrapping up projects and preparing to come home.

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