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"The energy was palpable and the smiles were heartwarming," said Dr. Randall Penfield, dean of the School of Education, who greeted students at the brand-new Moss Street Partnership School on Monday. The school is a partnership between UNCG and Rockingham County Schools and part of a larger initiative to improve student learning in low-performing schools.

At 7:15 a.m. Monday morning, Moss Street Partnership School opened its doors wide to greet 420 children of Reidsville on their first day of school. Back to school means homework and happy reunions, but for students and teachers at the partnership school, it also means a brand-new curriculum, updated classrooms and new technology. It means a fresh start.

In Summer 2017, UNC Greensboro, Rockingham County Schools and the Moss Street community formed a collaboration to transform Moss Street Elementary into the new Moss Street Partnership School (MSPS) in an effort to increase student success.

“It was amazing to see this partnership between Rockingham County and UNCG come alive with the energy of the students and families of the Moss Street community,” said Dr. Randall Penfield, dean of the UNCG School of Education, who greeted families outside of the school on Monday.

Students stepped off of the Rockingham County yellow buses with eagerness and curiosity, backpacks in tow. New principal Catina Chestnut, a UNCG alumna who was hired in April, wore a wide grin as she shook the hands – or in some cases doled out hugs – of every student and family member who came through the doors.

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Originally published August 29, 2018.


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