What I’m Reading

Here’s look at some of the articles and arguments on my desk as I look forward to my third year as UNC System President.

Economic Mobility:
In The New York Times, Sarah Vowell gives one of the best odes to the power of higher education to transform lives and nations and best reminders of what it means to be a public university that I’ve read in a while. Well worth your time. 

Chancellors’ Voices: 
In the Charlotte Observerand The Robesonian, Chancellors Phil Dubois and Robin Cummings both weigh in on their institutions’ future and their focus on serving the communities where they are based. 

Rural Divide:
In The Wall Street Journal, an informative look at the data behind the rural/urban divide and the breadth of the disparities we must address. 

Value of College:
In Education Next, Michael McPherson delivers the bubble-bursting response that we all needed to Professor Bryan Caplan’s recent (and well-covered) book, The Case Against Education. McPherson reminds us that while signaling is indeed a thing, education builds human capital and hyperbole does no one any good. You can read my own take on the argument here.

North Carolina’s Teachers: In The News and Observer, former Governor Jim Hunt reminds us that North Carolina leads the nation in National Board Certified Teachers, a tremendous set of educators that we must support while encouraging more teachers to join their ranks.

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