UNCG Spartans study Spanish language, culture in Madrid

You can read about Spanish culture for hours on end. You can study conjugation charts, memorize new vocabulary and practice with textbook activities and smartphone apps.

But the best way to learn a new language and culture is to step outside of the classroom and live it.

For the 29 Spartans who traveled to Madrid, Spain, this summer, learning Spanish often involved eating tapas, navigating the metro, dancing flamenco and yelling “GOOOOOL!” at a soccer match.

The UNC Greensboro Summer in Spain program – led this year by Dr. Ignacio Lopez and Dr. Alejandro Hortal – is a five-week, faculty-led study abroad program that dates back to the late 1970s, making it one of the university’s longest-running programs. Undergraduate students take six credit hours in Spanish language and culture from UNCG faculty, in addition to participating in planned weekend excursions to cities such as Toledo, Segovia and Seville.

The program has found the right balance of structured programming and free time, allowing students to engage with locals in an authentic way and put to practice what they’ve learned in the classroom.

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Originally published June 21, 2018.


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