For four years, Mike Corelli, Western Carolina University’s associate director for the Department of Campus Activities, wanted to expand the leadership experience of the minor in leadership program by taking an overseas trip.

That goal finally came to fruition in May when 15 students from his LEAD 294 class, “International Perspectives on Leadership,” spent 15 days in Spain. The course focused on several aspects of the global perspective of leadership, which included the cultural, economic and religious aspects, as well as governance, Corelli said.

“We basically kind of exposed the students to learning a little bit more of all of those elements,” Corelli said. “Groups of students each took one of those topics and researched it and presented to the class throughout the semester to expose them to how Spain was, and how it differed and compared to the United States in each of those aspects.”

Prior to making the trip, Corelli invited several guests to speak to his class. Lane Perry, director of WCU’s Center for Service Learning, talked to the students about civic engagement and service leaderships. Jennifer Schiff, director of WCU’s International Studies program, spoke from the political science aspect.

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