Soccer-style Teaching Goes Big

Soccer-style Teaching Goes Big


The celebratory cry of soccer players and fans can be heard in just about any backyard, field or stadium in the United States and across the globe.

Soccer isn’t just the world’s most popular sport. For many, it’s a cultural cornerstone – a rite of passage, a conversation piece and the center of many family activities.

And according to UNCG’s Dr. Ignacio Lopez, Alex Hortal and Felipe Troncoso, it’s a tool for teaching.

The three faculty members in the Department of Languages, Literatures, and Cultures came up with the idea for their innovative course “Global Crossings: The World Explained by Soccer” at Old Town Draught House, a local pub near campus and their go-to spot for all things soccer.

“We meet about every other week to talk about soccer,” Troncoso said. “Through these conversations, we started to realize that we could use soccer in the classroom to explain different aspects of culture.”

Ninety students are enrolled in the cross-disciplinary, cross-cultural course, which explores a variety of global topics embodied in literature, film, music, art and other cultural practices related to the sport.

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