From left, the Atomo team includes NC State mechanical engineering alumnus Ryan Kelley (chief executive officer), textile technology student Aidan Special (chief product officer), computer science student Bryan Cooper (chief technology officer), business and design student David Flowers (user experience and design), and computer science alumnus Matthew Burke (president).

Smart Spaces

One day light switches and thermostats may be a thing of the past.

A group of NC State entrepreneurs have launched Atomo, a startup company leveraging indoor spatial intelligence to save energy and improve the indoor experience.

Instead of a person manually turning on a light switch or adjusting a thermostat, Atomo’s technology could create real-time building responsiveness that results in significant energy savings.

“The building could know where you are in the building and control the environment accordingly. It could adjust lighting, heating and cooling systems – the possibilities are endless,” said Atomo cofounder and textile technology student Aidan Special.

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Originally published August 16, 2018.


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