NCCU Examines Geography for Clues to Food Insecurity

North Carolina Central University will take part in a $750,000 research project funded by the National Science Foundation to investigate social, economic and geographic factors that contribute to food insecurity in North Carolina.

Tim Mulrooney, Ph.D., associate professor in the Department of Earth, Environment and Geospatial Sciences, will work with researchers at North Carolina A&T State University to conduct the study, titled Dynamics of Rural and Urban Food Deserts.

“This project will be looking at the relationships between socio-economic characteristics, land use, and water quality to determine how people can respond to food deserts and food insecurity,” said Mulrooney, who uses geographic information system (GIS) models to uncover patterns and unintended consequences of land-use impacts and other factors related to food insecurity.

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Originally published Apr. 15, 2019.


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