I’m excited to share some of the conversations from last week’s myFutureNC meeting, held in Winston-Salem. Representatives from the commission took the opportunity to dive deep into the many barriers students and families face as they try to navigate our educational system. We wanted to know what those obstacles were, where they existed, and what prevented students from succeeding. This discussion was long overdue. We encouraged debate. We challenged one another’s perspectives. And, throughout the day, we engaged in robust discussion on the real challenges ahead. We listened and thought about what we need to do.

Every voice in the room represented another angle that we had to consider. Every commissioner is crucial to our success. Our process must be driven by the needs of those we serve, not the needs of the institutions we represent. At the end of this process, we will have a statewide postsecondary attainment goal and more. The health of our citizens, the prosperity of this state, and the integrity of our democracy depends on our education system.

View the February, 13, 2018 myFutureNC Meeting and learn more about myFutureNC at www.myfuturenc.org/.


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