Dr. Andrew Stuart holds the SpeechEasy, a device he and two other ECU faculty members invented that helps people who stutter to speak normally. Stuart was recently elected as an inaugural member of the National Academy of Inventor’s Senior Member class. (Photos by Cliff Hollis)

An ECU faculty member whose work has allowed thousands the ability to communicate normally was recently elected to the inaugural class of the National Academy of Inventors Senior Members.

Dr. Andrew Stuart, a professor in the College of Allied Health Sciences’ Department of Communication Sciences & Disorders (CSDI), is one of 66 members of the NAI’s first Senior Member class, joining fellow faculty members, scientists and administrators from NAI member institutions across the United States.

“The election of the inaugural class of NAI Senior Members is a significant designation for a group of prolific inventors from NAI Member Institutions who are collectively a driving force in American innovation,” said Paul R. Sanberg, NAI President. “This is truly an accomplishment worth celebrating.”

Stuart’s research has resulted in 25 issued national and international patents and resulted in new methods of treating fluency disorders. Most prominently, Stuart was part of a three-person team to create what became known as the SpeechEasy®Fluency Aid.

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Originally published March 22, 2019.



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