Dr. Scott Marshall, studying earthquakes from space

Dr. Scott Marshall, a geophysicist in Appalachian State University’s Department of Geology, finds earthquakes fascinating. Marshall is interested in knowing what’s below the observable surface.

“That’s one of the fundamental tenants of geophysics: learning how to image the subsurface,” said Marshall. “If you can see the rocks, you hire a geologist. If you can’t see the rocks, you hire a geophysicist.”

Marshall recently received additional funding from The University of Southern California’s Southern California Earthquake Center (SCEC) for advanced geodetic imaging of deformation rates throughout the Ventura Special Fault Study Area Region. In other words, Marshall uses satellite images to map where faults are and how fast they are moving. He has been funded consecutively since 2013, for a total of $87,000.

See more at: http://appalachianmagazine.org/stories/id/680


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