NCSU links science and art in "Bringing Invisible Worlds to Light"

When you walk into a downtown Raleigh food hall, you might expect to see vendors serving hungry foodies. You probably wouldn’t expect to see large, interactive art installations — or chemists, physicists, biologists and mathematicians explaining them alongside their designers.

But the latter was the scene on a May evening at a preview of NC State’s “Invisible Worlds: Bringing the Unseen Into Focus” exhibit in downtown Raleigh, which is open Thursdays through Saturdays through June 30. Hundreds of attendees roamed Raleigh’s new Transfer Co. Food Hall, pushing and pulling on mazes of elastic cords, playing digital games and walking through tunnels of light — all in the name of learning new things about science.

These installations were the product of a semester-long collaboration between faculty and students in the College of Sciences and College of Design, developed to help the public understand scientific research in new ways. But members of the public weren’t the only ones who learned from it. Along the way, the collaborations encouraged everyone involved to step across disciplinary boundaries and look at their work in new ways.

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Originally written by Chritsy Sadler.


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