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Public Comment Session Regarding a Proposed Policy Change on Centers and Institutes

Members of the public attended a public comment session on litigation initiated and handled by centers and institutes at the UNC-Chapel Hill School of Law and North Carolina Central University School of Law on May 11, 2017 at the Center for School Leadership Development (CSLD).

The first thirty minutes of the public comment session was devoted to hearing from representatives of the UNC-Chapel Hill Center for Civil Rights, and the next 15 minutes was devoted to hearing from representatives from the North Carolina Central University regarding their approach to centers and institutes in the context of legal education. Commenters were allowed up to two minutes to speak.

Watch the video of the full session.

Those who could not attend in person provided comments of up to 200 words (approximately 1,500 characters) through a web form prior to the meeting. These comments are part of the public record.

Read submitted comments: 1) All comments submitted via email; 2) All comments submitted via website form.

Read memorandum to Committee on Educational Planning, Policies, and Programs from Board of Governors Member Steven Long regarding the proposal to ban litigation in academic centers. 


UNC Center for Civil Rights Report

Center for Civil Rights Supplemental Report

UNC Center for Civil Rights Report


North Carolina Central School of Law Report

North Carolina Central School of Law Report

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