Over the course of the past week, the dedicated personnel at the UNC System and all of our institutions have been working diligently to keep our students and universities safe while Hurricane Florence has caused damage across the state. The following are regular updates that illustrate the type of preparation and coordination that is part of our emergency management process.

This year, more students will celebrate

The back-to-school season never fails to excite as I realize how many first-year students are taking their initial steps down a pathway that will lead them toward a more fulfilling life and career. Or when I think of returning students, ready to delve deeper into their field of study and eager for the challenges of upper level coursework and advanced research.

But, as someone who’s dedicated her life to education, I know that the phrase “back to school” misleads. For most of us, it’s not that we’re returning to something we’ve left, because we’ve been here all along.

UNC System 2018-19 Presidential Scholars from left to right: Dajer Fernandez, Ashley George, William Zahran, Colin Russell.

At the System Office, the arrival of our new Presidential Scholars is an annual sign that it’s just about time to ramp-up for the fall semester. Yesterday I met with the new group of four, and I walked away energized. These recent UNC System graduates will be giving us invaluable assistance as the business of running the University transitions from the summer’s steady simmer to the fall’s full boil.

Our four scholars serve a one-year appointment, working closely with the System Office to help us research, write, and implement policy.

Commencement Season

Commencement Season has come to a close, with more than 35,000 students walking across the stage in the first few weeks of May, bringing our total number of 2017-18 graduates to nearly 54,000.

Commencement season has wrapped up, and it’s always a pleasure to watch our graduates head to their next steps.  Over the past two weeks, 35,000 students have walked across a stage to receive their diplomas, and all told, the UNC System will confer nearly 54,000 degrees for the 2017-18 academic year.

Nothing is more gratifying than seeing our students’ hard work come to fruition.

State of the University 2018

Our State of the University Tour has crisscrossed the state from Charlotte to Wilmington, from Fayetteville and Pembroke to the Triad. Now I’m heading to Western NC to talk about our goals and the good work our 17 institutions do every single day.

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Greetings from the University of North Carolina System,

Mobility, Accountability, and the Public Good

“Pleased but not satisfied” has been my refrain for the past few weeks as we’ve kicked off the 2018 State of the University Tour. It’s how I describe our outlook: we are a strong, thriving System with a hunger for seizing the opportunities ahead.


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