UNC President Spellings chats with students

(As published in the Washington Post on February 21, 2017)

I was 7 when my family moved to Texas. I didn’t have much say in the matter — my parents decided it would be the best place for me and my sisters to grow up, so we built our lives there.

I went to school, made friends, studied hard and earned admission to the University of Houston. I worked my way through college and began my career in Texas, a place that had long since become my home.

NCCU Memorial for Chancellor Deborah Saunders-White

Fixed Tuition Program

Thanks to bold legislation passed by the North Carolina General Assembly, in-state undergraduates at all of the state’s public universities will have a stable tuition rate locked in for four years — eight consecutive semesters without a tuition increase, once a student enrolls, as long as they stay enrolled.

The North Carolina Arboretum’s connection to UNC might not be apparent to most citizens of the Old North State, but it is a vital component of our education, outreach, and economic development efforts. For 30 years, as an affiliate of the UNC system, the Arboretum has successfully cultivated connections between people and plants.

President Spellings visits UNC-TV

When I launched a tour of all 17 UNC campuses a few months ago, I had three big questions for everyone I met: what makes you proud, what are the biggest challenges you face, and how can we strengthen the work of the UNC system?

Shannon Vickery interviews President Spellings at UNC-TV

UNC-TV is much more than the place where you can get your Downton Abbey fix or nurture young learners with transmissions of Sesame Street. The station provides meaningful, award-winning broadcasting to all 100 counties in the state with four channels in high definition. They reach almost every living room in North Carolina, and that’s a powerful achievement.

President Spellings conducts an orchestra class during her visit to NCSSM

North Carolina is known for educational firsts, so it comes as no surprise that we’re home to the country’s first public, residential high school for gifted science and math students. The North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics was a head-turning idea when it launched in 1980, and it has since become a model for more than a dozen other schools around the world.


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