The UNC Policy Manual



The UNC Policy Manual

Chapter 100.1 - The Code

Section 401



SECTION 401.                    OFFICERS.

401 A.    Chair, Vice Chair, and Secretary.

At the first regular meeting after June 30 of each year, each board of trustees shall elect from its membership a chair, a vice chair, and a secretary. [See G.S. 116-32] Each of these officers shall serve until his or her successor is elected. If the term of the chair on the board of trustees expires before his or her successor as chair is elected, then the vice chair shall become the interim chair until the chair’s successor is elected.

401 B.    Assistant Secretary.

Each board of trustees may also elect an assistant secretary, from among the members of the chancellor's staff. Copies of all minutes, papers, and documents of a board of trustees may be certified by its assistant secretary with the same force and effect as though such certification were made by the secretary of such board.